The MartyCircumSUP - Around Martinique by Stand Up Paddleboard from Dave Cornthwaite on Vimeo.

Martinique / 2014

a collaboratIve project with Dave Cornthwaite, Spike Reid, Ben Arthur, Robyn Green, and Rob G. Green


    “If anyone ever tells you that there’s nothing left to do in the world, look them straight in the eye with a little pity and say, ‘nonsense’. If you haven’t done it yet, it hasn’t yet been done.”

    The MartycircumSUP was the world’s first circumnavigation of Martinique via non-motorized transport. Enduring jagged coral, squalls, and a two-day stranding, the team of five led by British explorer Dave Cornthwaite completed the 146-mile journey over the course of ten days without the use of support craft.

    The subsequent short film won the expedition category at the UK’s Wild Film Fest in 2015.